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Ruvenor Forte

    • contributes to the good state of the veins, venous walls and capillaries
    • has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the venous system
    • supports the normal strengthening and toning of the veins
    • assists the feeling of light legs

    30 capsules

    Method of use

    1 capsule twice a day after a meal. Recommended intake: 4-6 weeks.

  • Ruvenor Forte

    Ruvenor Forte is a unique combination of 4 ingredients - diosmin, horse chestnut, ruscus extract and rutin - for strong vein support.

    • contributes to the good state of the veins, venous walls and capillaries
    • has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the venous system
    • supports the normal strengthening and toning of the veins
    • assists the feeling of light legs

    Varicose veins

    Expanded veins (varicose veins) are common in more than 50% of middle-aged people. Varicitas are caused by a disturbance of the walls of the veins that lead to their swelling and damage their valve apparatus. Increased vein pressure results in swelling and pain. Even just standing upright for a longer time increases the pressure on the venous wall to about 10 times.

    The legs are most endangered because the pressure in the veins there is greatest.

    The increased risk factors for varicose veins are:

    • Obesity;
    • old age;
    • irregular motor activity;
    • hereditary predisposition;
    • loss of tone of the tissues and thinning of the venous walls;
    • alcohol abuse and cigarettes.

    Expanded veins are a professional disease in people working straight.

    Women suffer four times more often than men from similar illnesses.

    Pregnancy, especially the second, is also a risky condition. Weaning and squeezing of the fruit increases the prerequisites for the appearance of varicose veins.

    The most common complaints are:

    • weight and tension in the legs;
    • itching, pain, redness;
    • edema, especially around the ankles.

    All these signs point to vein problems. Untimely treatment can lead to complications, thromboses, eczema, clots.

    Varicose veins also create cosmetic inconveniences.


    Hemorrhoids are one of the most annoying manifestations of venous insufficiency.

    They are abnormally swollen veins in the rectum and anus. They are very similar to varicose veins. After swelling, hemorrhoidal veins are inflamed and cause swelling of the surrounding membranes, itching, pain and bleeding. The reason for the hemorrhoids is the increased pressure in the rectum, which inflates the walls of the veins and sometimes cares.

    Hemorrhoids are caused by:

    • prolonged sitting
    • constipation and stool
    • births
    • frequent weight lifting

    There are two types of hemorrhoids: external and internal.

    The inside are usually felt deep in the rectum. Since bleeding from them can mask symptoms of colorectal cancer, it requires their treatment.

    The outside hemorrhoids cause common inconveniences - pain, burning and itching.

    If an external hemorrhoid is isolated from the bloodstream, a clot is formed which, causes great pain.

    Once obtained, hemorrhoids appear again because the vein is already deformed.

    Good hygienic habits and prophylaxis can successfully control this form, and surgery is very rarely required in severe cases.

    The are many causes of varicose veins and hemorrhoids:

    • lack of physical activity
    • poor diet
    • poor hygiene, uncomfortable clothes
    • therapy
    • surgeries

    Diosmin /Diosmin/

    • bioflavonoid of plant origin obtained from citrus fruit
    • assists the natural mechanism of protection against degradation of elastin and collagen, which are an important structural element with a certain concentration in the normal venous vessels
    • modulates immune factors, which aids the natural process of functioning of the venous vessels

    Horse chestnut /Aesculus Hippocastanum/

    • widely used in Europe as a means of contributing to the normal functioning of the blood vessels
    • the valuable ingredient in wild chestnut extract is escine, which has vetonizing properties and supports normal contraction of venous vessels blood vessels

    Ruscus extract /Ruscus aculeatus/

    • is standardized against the content of saponins that are made up of ruskogenin and neuroscogenin
    • acts on the adrenoreceptors found in the smooth muscle of the venous wall and assists the normal contraction process of the venous vessel

    Rutin /Rutin/

    • a bioflavonoid that helps maintain normal strength, permeability and elasticity of the blood vessels
    • has the property of retaining the adrenaline oxidation and thus maintains normal blood vessel health - like ascorbic acid (vitamin C)


  • Ingredients 
    Diosmin (Diosmin 90%)400 mg
    Horse Chestnut Extract (Aesculus Hippocastanum), standardized with 20% Escine150 mg
    Ruscus aculeatus L. extract, standardized on 11% saponins, calculated as ruscogenins150 mg
    Rutin 100 mg