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About us

Fortex Nutraceuticals is in the top five companies producing nutraceutical and healthcare products in Bulgaria.

Fortex’s products can be found in every pharmacy in Bulgaria. The company also exports to more than 35 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

As of 2011, Fortex Nutraceuticals has its own manufacturing and research base in Sofia.

In 2022, Fortex opened a third manufacturing facility with high-tech, fully automated equipment, which significantly increased its production capacity.

The aim of the company is to continue presenting innovative solutions on the Bulgarian and global markets and to develop its portfolio in a way that meets the ever-increasing requirements of the customers, while preserving the traditional quality.

Fortex Nutraceuticals is certified with GMP guidelines, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System and HACCP.



Fortex Nutraceuticals is a Bulgarian company, focused on people's health.

The company's policy of developing nutritional supplements and healthcare is based on proven scientific advances in dietetics and pharmacy. Fortex Nutrasutics focuses on natural substances and their biological maximum compatibility with the human body. The approach used to create each product is innovative and maximal effect for the end user.

Our goal is to contribute to raising peoples' attention about avoiding health problems using natural extracts without side effects

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Our team consists of young and motivated people with Masters degrees in Pharmacy, Marketing and Engineering Studies. Also, seminars take place at least twice, every year.

The team is always available to all doctors, pharmacists and customers for further information and methodological help regarding the effectiveness and safety of the company's products.


Fortex Nutraceuticals products are available in all good pharmacies in the country.

The company has medical and commercial representatives available to pharmacists, doctors and medical professionals.

Fortex Nutraceuticals products are exported to over 35 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa


If you think that with your knowledge, skills, experience and ambition you would contribute to the success of Fortex Nutraceuticals, please do not hesitate to send your CV.