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Omax Neo

    • conditions affecting the disturbances of nerve fiber signals
    • changes in nerves caused by compression
    • age-related or stress-related changes
    • changes in nerves in metabolic disorders
    • improvement of sleep and cognitive ability

    30 capsules

    Method of use

    For adults - 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose of 1 capsule daily.

  • Dosage Omax Neo: 

    For adults – 1 capsule per day
    Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of 1 capsule per day.

    30 capsules per pack

  • Ingredientsin 1 capsule
    Magnesium 100 mg
    Uridine monophosphate 50 mg
    Cytidine monophosphate 6 mg
    Vitamin B1 4 mg
    Vitamin B6 3 mg
    Folic acid 400 μg