Omax tablets

  • It helps to accelerate the physiological rhythm of the colon.
  • Helps digestive processes.
  • It helps to maintain normal defecation by increasing the frequency of dripping.
30 enteric-coated tablets
up to 3 tablets a day, during a meal. Do not chew and do not break the integrity of the tablet

Omax tablets is an innovative product containing serratiopeptidase.

It contributes to the natural regeneration of tissues. A (serratiopeptidase).

Supports the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

In order to show its maximum effect, serratiopeptidase should be delivered to the small intestine without being exposed to the aggressive, highly acidic environment in the stomach. Because of its protein structure, the enzyme serratiopeptidase is sensitive to adverse conditions and can be irreversibly inactivated. Omax is tabletted in special enteric tablets that do not allow serratiopeptidase to contact with the aggressive gastric medium and deliver the enzyme directly to the small intestine.

Ingredients (in 3 tablets per day): serratiopeptidase 30 mg (72,000 IU)

A number of factors can contribute to pain:

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