Ruvenor capsules are a balanced combination of the two most effective in cases of varicose veins and hemorrhoidsbioactive phytosubstances: extracts of horse chestnut and ruscus aculeatus.

These extracts are proven to be effective in influencing the symptoms of varicose veins and hemorrhoids:
  • demonstrate vasoprotective and antiinflammatory properties;
  • tone the veins effectively;
  • reduce the abnormally increased capillary permeability;
  • reduce the swelling of the feet and ankles;
  • help for the disappearance of the sense of heaviness and tightness in the legs;
  • mitigate itching, pain and redness.

Content (bioactive substances of herbal origin):
  •  dry extract of horse chestnut /Aesculus Hippocastanum/ ........100 mg
  •  dry extract of ruscus aculeatus /Ruscus aculeatus L./ .............100 mg

Administration: 1 capsule twice daily after meals.

Packing: 50 capsules, enough for a 25-day course of administration.