Omega-10 Cardio is especially created for people with heart problems, especially those who suffered heart attack and stroke.

Omega-10 Cardio is a unique combination of оmega 3 unsaturated fatty acids and coenzyme Q10.

The administration of omega 3 leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases through the following mechanisms:
  • prevents arrhythmias that lead to sudden cardiac death;
  • reduces the risk of thrombosis (clot formation) - the cause of heart attack and stroke;
  • reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood;
  • has a mild beneficial effect on high blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10 is an important element of human respiratory chain. Without Q10 the transmission of electrons stops. The lack of Q10 leads also to a lowered production of ATP.

Coenzyme Q10 provides energy to the heart, which is especially important to people with heart failure. Q10 is an extremely powerful antioxidant - protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, the main cause of cell aging and cell death.

Content (of one capsule): 1000 mg salmon oil, containing 18% EPA and 12% DHA - essential unsaturated fatty acids, 20 mg of coenzyme CoQ10 (Ubiquinone); excipients.

Administration: 3 capsules once daily. It is suitable for diabetics. It is not recommended to people allergic to seafood.

Packing: 60 softgels, sufficient for one month administration.