Nolipid has a beneficial effects on high cholesterol.
Nolipid is a natural product without side effects.
The active ingredient in the product is policosanol - a natural compound derived from purified sugar cane molasses, which:
  • reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol
  • lowers the levels of triglycerides
  • raises the levels of HDL-C (good cholesterol)
  • has no harmful side effects on the body
  • does not affect liver function
  • can be taken by elderly people with heart and liver problems, diabetes, hypertension and other risk factors
  • can be used together with prescribed statins
Content (of one tablet - recommended daily intake): 10mg policosanol; excipients.

Administration: 1 tablet in the evening just before or during meals.
For persons over 12 years.

Package: 30 tablets, enough for one month administration.