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Body hydration/ Fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Contributes for normal water-salt balance 
  • After significant loss of the body’s water content
  • After severe sport activity
  • After intensive sweating
  • As tonic solution assuring main minerals for the body 

Dosage and way of usage:  
Content of one sachet has to be dissolved in 200ml of water. Use boiled water if you are able. Drink the solution. Use when restoration of water-salt balance is needed. 
Children under 3 years- after doctor’s advice
Children between 3-7 years – 5 sachets daily (1 liter for 24 hours)
Children between 7 and 19 years- 5-8 sachets daily (1-1,6 liters for 24 hours)
Adults- 5-10 sachets daily (1-2 liters for 24 hours)

Content of one sachet: Dextrose 2700mg, Sodium citrate 580mg, Sodium chloride 520mg, Potassium chloride 300mg.

Packaging: 10 sachets