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New innovative gout product!
An effective formula with a safe profile!
Advantages of Gutrol
  • Effective in both gout crises and chronic gout
  • Absolutely harmless, nontoxic, no side effects, no contraindications
  • It can be taken for a long time
  • It can be combined with other means and methods
  • It does not cause dizziness and has no influence on the ability to drive or use machines
  • Can be taken by diabetics!
  • Unique product - no analogue on the market
GUTROL contributes to the natural dissolution of the uric acid crystals in the joints and other tissues.

GUTROL has a beneficial effect the joints of the big toe, ankles, heels, knees, wrists, fingers and elbows.

GUTROL contributes to the maintenance of the normal physiological function of the joints, the surrounding tissues, the internal spaces and other tissues and organs.

GUTROL promotes the binding of uric acid to a water-soluble compound that is naturally released from the body.

Ingredients (in 3 capsules max. intake):
polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate 240 mg, bromelain 30 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 9 mg, excipients.

For adults and children over 14 years - 1 capsule per day.
If necessary: ​​1 capsule up to 3 times a day (at regular intervals).
It is recommended to take Gutrol half an hour to one hour before meals.