A unique combination of natural ingredients - propolis, chamomile and thyme with a proven effect.
  • promotes normal epithelial throat and bronchial regeneration 
  • has a beneficial effect on inflammation in the throat and respiratory tract
  • supports the function of the respiratory system
Content (in 0,9ml): Propolis extract 9,9mg (with content min. 10% flavonoids), thyme extract 39,6mg, and chamomile extract 24,75mg

Dosage: For children from 3 to 10 - 3 sprays 2 times a day. For children above 10 and adults – 3 sprays 3 times a day. 

Package: 30 ml

Fact: Propolis is an unique bee product. It has an exceptionally wide range of beneficial effects on the body. Known as the "natural antibiotic".