Fish oil Fortex is a dietary supplement containing concentrated cod liver oil with high natural content of vitamins A, D, E and omega-3 essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Fish oil is Fortex is an essential  addition to the diet of children for the period when the skeleton system is formed, and all the organs (including the brain) grow. Vitamins A and D, and omega-3 acids in fish oil Fortex are natural and easily absorbed, and contribute to the proper development of the child:
  • enhance immunity and resistance of the organism;
  • are vital for good eyesight;
  • are responsible for the health of skin, hair and nails;
  • ensure proper mineralization of bones;
  • are necessary for the existence of strong teeth;
  • help the proper functioning of thyroid and pituitary;
  • are responsible for the availability of a good appetite;
  • improve performance, memory and concentration;
  • are good means for subjected to stress and mental strain children.

The small capsules of Fish oil Fortex are tasteless, odorless and are easy to swallow.
Fish oil Fortex is produced in France specifically for Fortex.

Content (of one soft gelatin capsule): 150mg concentrated cod liver oil with high natural content of vitamin A-1000IU / g and vitamin D-100IU / g; excipients.

Administration:  2-3 capsules a day, taken with meals. For children over 3 years. It may be taken by diabetics. It is not recommended for people with allergies to seafood.

Packing: 60 softgels.