For diabetics

Diabekan is a special food supplement for diabetics. It contains a concentrated extract of cinnamon bark /Cinnamomum zeylanicum/.

As research has shown the extract of Ceylon cinnamon:
  • may help to reduce blood sugar levels up to 20%;
  • stimulates insulin receptors and increases the ability of cells to utilize glucose;
  • helps to control high triglyceride levels;
  • does not irritate the stomach due to the specificity of the used water extraction;
  • may be taken continuously along with medical therapy;
  • is especially suitable for diabetes type II.

Content (of one capsule): 200mg of dry extract 10:1 (water extraction) of Ceylon Cinnamon bark /Cinnamomum zeylanicum/, corresponding to 2 g cinnamon powder, 0,81 mg chrome picolinate (0,1 mg chrome), 150 mg magnesium hydroxide (61,5 mg magnesium); excipients.

Administration: one capsule per day, taken before the morning meal. It can be taken before lunch if other medications for diabetes are also used. Monitor blood sugar levels!

Packing: 30 capsules, enough for a monthly use.